Driven to write? No, not necessarily. But I come from a background of reading and writing – my father a newspaper editor and voracious reader of crime and spy fiction, my grandfather a magazine editor.

My big break – my ninth grade English teacher allowed my facetious, humorous style in my essays as long as they were well crafted. He even forwarded one of my earliest to the high school yearbook committee, unbeknownst to me until it appeared in the publication. Yes, a published author.

By the way, I was born in Toronto but spirited away by my parents in my first year to Parry Sound, Ontario where I was raised, only to return to the University of Toronto sixteen years later. Consequently, I am a microbiologist, now retired.

Most of my microbiology career was served with the Public Health Laboratories of Ontario in Toronto, Timmins and Peterborough, Ontario. This is all in Canada, by the way. I retired as Director of the Peterborough Public Health Laboratory in 1999. My writing was confined to the three dozen or so scientific papers I published in peer-reviewed scientific journals – a published author.

Post-retirement, my wife and I were offered the opportunity to aid in the rebuilding of the public health laboratory system in post-war Kosova. I say Kosova rather than Kosovo because that is the pronunciation of the majority ethnic Albanian population. I'm a believer in identifying places as the people who live there do.

We each traveled to Kosova for up to a month two or three times a year between 2000 and 2004. This is where I gathered the material for The Aftermath which I realized begged to be told as fiction.

But I wasn't ready to write it in 2004. My father died in 2003 and my first book project involved a box we found of about fifty black-and-white photographs. The Kodak 11 x 14 photo paper box was labelled "BOOK". I knew his intentions so self-published Reflections Through a Special Lens in 2005. Working on this brought me closer to my father's passion for black-and-white photography, principally Georgian Bay cloud, rock and water scenes. I was ready to tackle something else.

Later in 2005, I republished my father's brief World War Two memoir, Bomber Crew. With these two books under my belt, I was now ready to begin my own writing. The result is The Aftermath, a novel of post-war Kosova.

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